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Building In Youth

Mentoring youth to build Godly character through construction training

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Building In Youth trains high school students how to safely use power tools.  Sound good, so far?

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Ever cringe when asked, "What do you want to do with your life? "  (It's ok if you did!)

The adults in your life really are curious and are not trying to terrify you!  But, seriously,

                     D O  you  know? 

If your answer is "Going to college.", that is only a partial answer. 

Today's employers expect MORE than a degree.  What SKILLS will they also require? 

 WHAT  IF  you could discover what you need to know  >TODAY<   by just watching a video???  (Who doesn't like videos?)

Think of it as an investment in YOUR FUTURE!

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Need Ideas for Your Service Hours??

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Do you like adventure?

You WILL get a little dirty, maybe even sweat some, but the rewards are GREAT!  

If you are still reading, you MUST be at least a little interested.  (If you feel squeamish, there ARE easier ways to get those "pesky" service hours out of the way.  Just not here.)  Proceed!! ->

N E W S F L A S H : The Construction Industry Needs YOU!

Seriously!  Take the time to learn some skills with power tools and you can be on your way to an industry in DIRE need of workers.  Construction companies all over the nation are desperately wanting to hire good workers.   

Where do you sign up, right?

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Yes, I Need Service Hours!

Building In Youth

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The Paperwork!  (There will ALWAYS be paperwork, sorry!)


  • Print the two forms below for your parents or guardians to complete and sign. 
  • THEN give both of the completed forms to your school's Career Counsellor. 
  • AFTER Building In Youth  receives your form, you will be able to work with our team for your Community Service Hours!