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Building In Youth

Mentoring youth to build Godly character through construction training

WHY MENTOR ... why not?


Building In Youth equips adults to tangibly invest in student’s lives as mentors.  Mentors help students become self-sufficient and productive members of society.  Students are introduced to construction-related careers, safety awareness, and how working hard, craftsmanship and integrity directly affects their future

High school students need Community Service Hours to graduate and Building In Youth is qualified to provide them! Safety training is a necessary priority to prepare students for projects.

Valuable lessons are learned through the experience of building wheel chair ramps.  The hard work, done as a team, is a blessing to the low-income veterans, elderly and the disabled in the community as well as to each member of the team.

  • Skilled mentors building into the lives of youth encourage belief in themselves and their potential to make a difference. 
  • Mentor training provided to adults builds their confidence to share knowledge and experience. 
  • Genuine relationships built between generations promote good work habits, initiative, responsibility and self-confidence.

Building In Youth teaches high school students how to safely and effectively handle power tools.  The program is designed to connect them with qualified adults to develop confidence, hope and encourage them to graduate.  The expertise, wisdom and values that guided one generation are intentionally passed on to the next.  

Phil and Lucy owned a residential construction business for thirty years and well-understand the need for qualified workers.  Since 2011, they have worked with the high schools in Longview, Kelso, Castle Rock and Toutle to attract students to the construction trades.  

​Each year, students volunteer their time with BiY to earn their required Community Service hours.  Interestingly, some of our students began to correlate how their hard work, while still in school, directly impacts their future employment.  (Exciting to see when they “get it”!)

​If you are interested in learning how to make a real difference in a young person's life, we would love to talk with you!   

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Building In Youth is a member of the:   

Lower Columbia Contractors Association, 

Mentoring Works WA,   

Education Northwest (formerly Oregon Mentors,)   

Christian Association of Youth Mentoring and   

National Mentoring Partnership