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Building In Youth

Mentoring youth to build Godly character through construction training


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The Need

 Today’s youth live pressure-cooker lives.  Continued stress from demanding social expectations, trouble at home, technology overload, academics and sports pressures further compound into damaging behaviors to “escape” or just try to cope.  Youth are not equipped to deal with this turmoil and are in desperate need of help

Building In Youth is a faith-based nonprofit which exists to inspire men and women to invest in the next generation, to build a legacy of vision, hope and purpose.

Interested adults are equipped to tangibly invest in student’s lives as mentors.  Mentors help students become self-sufficient and productive members of society.  


We motivate youth to graduate from high school and confidently build career paths with integrity and excellence.  This is accomplished through the collaboration of high schools, churches and other local nonprofit organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill Training Center, Love INC, and AmeriCorps.

Hands-On Training

Building In Youth trains high school students how to safely use power tools to build wheelchair ramps for low-income seniors, veterans and the disabled. 


Students are introduced to construction-related careers, safety awareness, and how working hard, craftsmanship and integrity directly affects their future

High school students need Community Service Hours to graduate and Building In Youth is qualified to provide them! Safety training is a necessary priority to prepare students for any project.

Valuable lessons are learned through the experience of building wheel chair ramps alongside experienced mentors.  

The hard work, done as a team, is a blessing to the low-income veterans, elderly and the disabled in the community as well as to each member of the team.  Other types of projects include tool sheds for Lower Columbia School Gardens, small decks and fences.

About Us

Building In Youth  (BiY)  was started in 2011 by Phil and Lucy Hayes to reach out to high school students.  Over thirty years in the construction industry provides a strong foundation for this unique program. 

Working with public high schools, BiY provides workshops to teach students basic construction skills and safety training in preparation for minor construction projects. 

The program is designed to provide a source of confidence, hope and real life skills for youth preparing to enter the workforce or college. 


Some of the students wrote thank you notes for “allowing them to complete their service hours in such a great way.” School career counselors have also expressed their appreciation for this unique program.​

Construction Industry Looking for Younger Workers!

Investing in youth builds the future!

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